The Ultimate Nootropic Stacks for Sleep — You’ll be zzz’ing in no time!


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nootropic stacks for sleep

Nootropic Stacks for Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy to everyone. It can be a stressful, nightly battle that can cause anxiety. Over time, the effects of poor sleeping patterns can seep into every aspect of your life. You may become more irritable and feel less social. In extreme cases you may even become dependant on drugs or poor lifestyle choices just to help you fall asleep.

We all need sleep to give our mind and body time to wind down and recharge. But not everyone has that luxury.

Even if you don’t suffer from a sleep affective disorder like insomnia, I bet you can think of a time when you had a less than amazing sleep. Then woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak. Now think about how that impacted the rest of your day?

Hard to recover from a crappy sleep, right?

Well, the good news is there are plenty of nootropic stacks for sleep that can help you relax. Quieten your mind and achieve both a longer, better, deeper sleep.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Nootropic Stacks for Sleep: How to Get a Deeper Sleep

One of the most common reasons people suffer from sleep disorders is related to stress and anxiety. Stress causes an increase in the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is secreted through the adrenal glands in times of fear, stress and anxiety. Higher levels of cortisol can have many negative side effects on the body. Including chronic inflammation, bad short term memory, weight gain and lower levels of DHEA, estrogen, growth hormone and testosterone.

If you want reduce pre-bed stress and stop those cortisol levels from stealing another good night’s sleep, try this sleep stack:

Ashwagandha for Sleep


Ashwagandha is a nootropic cultivated from the roots of the Withania somnifera plant. It also happens to be a natural stress-reducer. In addition to reducing cortisol levels, ashwagandha protects cells from free radicals and protects your brain cells from decay, which can lead to diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Ashwaganhda is an adaptogen, which means it chemically blocks stress messages in the body. In doing so, it activates GABA receptors to induce feelings of calm and relaxation.


The recommended dosage of ashwagandha is 500-1500 mg per day. To use ashwagandha for sleep, start by taking 500 mg approximately 30 minutes before bed.

You can find this sleep nootropic in capsule or powder form. Note, it does not taste good, so you may before taking in capsule form.

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Valerian Root for Sleep


Valerian root is a herb that naturally induces sedation. It’s often used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders and even migraines and upset stomachs.

As a sleep aid, valerian root works because it contains 150 compounds that work to calm you nerves and put your body in a state of rest.


The recommended daily dose of valerian root for sleep is 450 mg taken one hour before bedtime. It’s best to take this with food. You can find it in many different forms including, extract, powder, sublingual tablet or tincture.

Combined together, ashwagandha and valerian root combat the stress, which can cause your anxiety and put your body in a mild state of sedation for a nice, deep sleep. The best part is there aren’t any common side effects. So you shouldn’t wake up in the morning feeling like you have a hangover.

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Nootropic Stacks for Sleep: Recovery

Whether you’re an athlete who’s been training hard. Or just a hard worker who’s been burning the candle at both ends, our body’s need recovery. Time to recover from physical, mental and even emotional stress. The best way to do this is with a deep, rejuvenating sleep. So check out amazing nootropic stack for recovery.

Zinc for Sleep


Zinc is a trace mineral that’s essential in keeping our immune systems healthy. It also helps to regulate sleep, and many users have found that it increases the vividness of dreams.

Zinc chelates in particular are easily absorbed in the intestines and most closely relate the natural state of zinc.

Another benefit of zinc is that it works as a natural antidepressant.


The recommended dose of zinc for sleep is 50-100 mg, which can be found easily in pill form. Take 30 minutes before bed for best results.

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Magnesium Citrate


Magnesium citrate is a great supplement for helping relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Helping you get that rejuvenating sleep you want. It works by reducing the level of cortisol in your blood, which helps you achieve a sense of calm before sleep. Magnesium citrate also helps relax your muscles to give you overall recovery and a nice deep sleep.


The recommended dose of magnesium citrate is 100-450 mg taken daily. For sleep recovery, magnesium citrate is best paired with zinc in a two:one ratio. It’s always best to start at the lowest dose first. So we recommend 100-150 mg of magnesium citrate if you’re taking 50 mg of zinc.

It’s important to note that the higher dosage of magnesium you take, the more likely you are to experience it’s one major negative side effect; diarrhoea. In order to avoid this, start with a smaller dosage and take with food.

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GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is essential for a deep sleep. It’s an amino acid and neurotransmitter which inhibits the central nervous system. Your body uses GABA to reduce nerve activity in the brain, making you feel nice and calm.

Some other benefits of GABA is that it improves your overall immune functionality and long term memory. It has been found that those with lower levels of GABA tend to have sleeping issues. So you can improve sleep by taking this nootropic for sleep.


The recommended dose of GABA is 750mg daily. Taken 30 minutes before bed with your zinc and magnesium citrate on an empty stomach. You’ll enjoy an amazing nights sleep.


Nootropic Stacks for Sleep: Lucid Dreaming

More and more people are seeking out lucid dreams and using nootropics to help them achieve this. Lucid dreaming is when you’re more aware during your dreams. It’s said that the dreamer is able to exert some level of control in the events of the dream.

Nootropics can help you increase lucid dreaming. You’ll also benefit from deeper REM sleep and improved sleep quality. To enjoy more lucid dreaming, try the following stack for sleep…

Aniracetam for Sleep


Aniracetam is a nootropic that easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, where it affects several key neurotransmitters. It binds to acetylcholine receptors where it modulates dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine affects your mood, but it’s how aniracetam affects serotonin that makes it great for sleep.

Aniracetam works by reducing any subconscious anxiety or stress you may be feeling in order to set the stage for lucid dreaming.


The recommended dose of aniracetam for sleep and lucid dreaming is 500 mg-1 g taken with food. Most people find that the powder tastes quite bitter, so it’s probably better to try pill form instead.

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Citocoline for Sleep


Citocoline is a nootropic that provides your body with a source of choline. Choline is used to synthesize acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter involved in lucid dreaming.

Citocoline maintains and stimulates your brain cells and has many positive effects on other neurotransmitters, like dopamine and norephinepherine.

Some other happy benefits of citocoline include improved memory, focus and overall brain health.


The recommended daily dose of citocoline for sleep and lucid dreams is 250-500 mg taken twice daily. For improved sleep or lucid dreaming, we recommend taking 500 mg right before bed.

As with most nootropics, there’s a level of trial and error required to find the best ratio that works for you.

With this particular sleep stack, some people prefer to work with a 4:1 ratio of aniracetam to citocoline. If you wanted to go this route, I would suggest 1g of aniracetam and 250 mg of citocoline.

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With so many nootropics there are endless options for creating stacks to help you sleep. As I said earlier, depending on the type of sleep you wish to achieve, you’ll want to try different nootropics.

Now tell me, what do you use to get a good night’s sleep? Share your nootropic stacks for sleep hacks in the comment section below.

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