The Ultimate Guide To Piracetam

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Piracetam was the first nootropic ever created way back in the early sixties and it’s where nootropics was born.

Basically, it’s the OG of nootropics.

And it was the beginning of what is now known as biohacking.

Piracetam has now been used by millions of people all over the world and I have to tell you, it’s got rave reviews.

I’m talking mind-boosting effects like improving memory, focus, concentration, and several other benefits.

More on that later…

So, Piracetam works on the brain and central nervous system by expanding some of the specific actions between neurons.

But what the heck does that mean?

It is actually pretty simple.

Many experts agree that Piracetam offers an optimized and protective effect on the cerebral cortex that ultimately enhances communication.

In case you don’t know what the cerebral cortex does, it controls learning, movement, reasoning, thoughts, and perception.

Which is what Piracetam is exceptionally good at enhancing.
But since that barely gave you a glimpse into the whole story on Piracetam, let’s go all the way back to the beginning.

The Beginning of Piracetam

Like I said above, Piracetam was the first ever nootropic supplement to be developed.

It was way back in 1964 in a Belgium laboratory that the gents at UBC Pharma synthetically developed Piracetam to enhance the communication of the corpus callosum.

If you’re thinking “corpus what now?”, don’t sweat.

Basically, the corpus callosum is the communications manager for the two sides of your brain and it manages the signals that go back and forth between them.

It wasn’t until almost 8 years later that Piracetam was put out for clinical use.

Anyway, because this was the first of the so-called “smart” drugs, the scientists had to come up with a name for this new category of supplements.

The lead chemist, Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea (who was on the team over at UBC Pharma), invented the word nootropic—which comes from the two Greeks words “nous” which means mind and “trepein”which means to bend.  

Slap those together and it literally translates into “bend the mind.”.

Mind officially blown.

Chemically, Piracetam has a structure that is close to the an amino acid pyroglutamate, but the only difference between the two is a single side chain.

Over the past forty odd years Piracetam has been made under a bunch of different brand names like Psycotron, Nootron, Cerebrospan, and Nootropil.

For the most part in today's world, it’s used to fight off weakening cognitive functions in many older patients and pump up the mental functions of healthy brains.  
Which is all well and good, but how the heck does it work?

How Does Piracetam Work

Even though it has been studied for the better part of fifty years, not all of the inner workings of Piracetam are fully understood.

And I can understand why…

I mean, our brains are incredibly complex.

However, scientists believe that it works because the cell membranes have increased absorbing ability.   

Two specific examples would be: There is improvement in the delivery and dispersion of oxygen that are sent to brain cells, and a boost in circulation that the neural tissue gets.

What’s great about that is you get a neuroprotective response for the synapses and neurons up in your brain.

Are you still with me?

Let me explain just a little bit here…

The better the circulation happening in your brain, the healthier the neural tissue is going to be, therefore it helps to protect against regular decay and worn out tissue that occurs as you age.

Also, better circulation helps out with getting rid of cell waste in a faster way, which legitimately helps to “clean” your brain.  

I know that might sound a little weird, but hear me out…

When the cell membranes are healthy, there is even more protection from hypoxia—a scientific term meaning that there is less oxygen getting to the tissue than normal.

This may decrease or even stop the risk of stroke and other brain-related issues that can occur due to a lack of oxygen getting to your brain.

Easier to understand when you break it down like that, isn’t it?

Okay, let’s keep on moving…

Another function of Piracetam is that it also increases the metabolism of glucose in the brain because it suppresses its reabsorption—potentially boosting your brain energy and helping you to feel more alert.

More brain energy and alertness?

That is definitely what I need more of!

There are also reports that show Piracetam has some effects on calcium and how it may increase the power of neurotransmission in the brain.

And it is known to boost levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in the brain.

This is useful because cAMP gets the mitochondria—the part of cells that is in charge of taking in nutrients and creaking energy—to work like crazy.

Finally, a 1993 report on Piracetam showed that it is able to boost activity between L-glutamate and NMDA receptors.

With NMDA being responsible for the regulation of of our memories and the growth process of neural pathways.

Yeah, I know.

It’s a lot to take in.

But now that we’ve have a basic understanding on how Piracetam works, we are going to get into the benefits of using this badass supplement.

The Benefits and Uses of Piracetam 

A lot of Piracetam users talk consistently about the cognitive, social, physical, and even mood benefits they get from taking it regularly.

Instead of just talking about benefits as a whole let’s go over them one by one so you get a real clear understanding of each one.

So, let’s kick it off with the benefits of improved memory and learning.

Piracetam for Memory and Learning

These two have to be the most commonly talked about benefits of using Piracetam on the regular.

Even as far back as 1976 there were articles published in medical journals, that reported boosts in the recall and memory.

The first was noted in the journal of Psychopharmacology and it said that a daily dosage of above 1200 mg of Piracetam made for notable improvements in working memory and the recall of information.

Another study that was done in 1991 by the New Zealand Journal of Drugs and Ageing showed Piracetam’s ability to aid in memory and learning new things.

The study showed that it was able to boost memory and learning because of what is know as callosal transmission.

It also showed that Piracetam also pumps up the cholinergic activity in the brain.

Not bad for one supplement!

Now that you have an idea about how Piracetam primarily affects memory and learning abilities, let’s move on to focus.

Piracetam for Thought Process and Focus

One of the great things about Piracetam is that it can cross between the blood-brain barrier easily to connect with neuroreceptors.

The two neuroreceptors that Piracetam directly affects are the acetylcholine and the glutamate receptors.

And it’s these two neuroreceptors that are in charge of thought process and memory.  

Now because everyone is a bit different, users can expect different effects depending on their body make up.

For example, some people get slight boosts in memory or cognitive process and some people will begin to be able to easily recall information on even small details they thought had been lost.

Users also have talked a lot about their ability to stay focused and on task without a problem. This is simply because of the increased blood flow circulating around the brain.

So basically, when you’ve got the right amount of blood circulating in your brain you are going to get a big boost in focus, concentration and thought process..

Now to be clear, Piracetam isn’t going to make you any smarter, but things like reading, writing and planning are going to happen with much more easy mental flow.

I don’t know about you, but I can always use more focus and concentration!

And for most people, having improved focus and concentration is going to put them in a better mood.

Which brings me to the next benefit of Piracetam—its stellar mood-boosting effects.

Even though this is not one of the widely-known benefits Piracetam, it does have some positive effects for improving one’s mood.

Let’s jump into those right now…

Piracetam for Boosting Mood

Another awesome benefit of Piracetam is a boost in your mood and motivation!

There have been tons of cases where users have seem a jump in not only their mental energy, but also in their physical energy.

Now, when it comes to those who have depression, studies have shown some solid results.

The research shows that people who have conditions that cause a lack of blood flow to the brain, known as cerebrovascular diseases, are prone to experiencing symptoms of depression.

And when stroke patients were given Piracetam there were improvements in the blood circulation to the brain which was completely normal.

However, it is thought that the increased blood flow may have given off the extra effect of helping reduce depression and boosting one’s overall mood.

Also, there has been plenty of unscientific reports found online that say Piracetam can reduce the symptoms that come along with sleep disorders, as well as general and social anxiety issues.

However, because there hasn’t been a lot of research on these specific areas, experts do not know exactly how Piracetam effects anxiety or sleep.

And there’s more…

Piracetam For Improved Sensory Perception

Many users of Piracetam experience a real boost in taking stock of the small details in the things they see, smell, and touch.

Because of elevated levels of acetylcholine in your brain, your sensory perception is boosted and for many it makes the world around them seem brighter.

There are a bunch of reviews where users talk about a heightened ability to recall memories from visual, auditory, and even smell-based experiences.

The majority of first time users say they notice that colors seem to be more intense as soon as Piracetam begins to take effect.

Apart from the benefits you are going to feel outside the brain, Piracetam also does a lot inside the brain, like providing it with more oxygen and circulation.

Piracetam For Oxygenation and Circulation of the Brain

Taking Piracetam also boosts how oxygen is used in the brain, which helps in several ways.

The more oxygen your brain has, the less fatigued and tired you’ll feel which will help you get more done throughout the day.

More oxygenation in the brain means your attention span is going to get a real boost and that is going to come handy during some of those long classes or meetings.

Having the proper amount of oxygen going to the brain is also thought to help avoid neuron damage from any of the cerebrovascular conditions.

Piracetam might even be useful when it comes to treating alcoholism, because of the proper oxygenation of the brain.

I know, wild!

And when it comes to blood circulation, Piracetam has some really solid benefits.

So, not only does it get the right amount of oxygen and blood to the brain, it also works as a powerful anti-clotting agent.

Because of it anti-clotting abilities Piracetam has been pointed out as a candidate for treating stroke patients who had serious cerebral damage that brought on by a blood clot.

Occasionally it is used as prophylaxis right after someone suffers a stroke to help prevent  more damage from clotting blood and to keep as much healthy brain tissue as possible.

I am sure you can see how having plenty of circulation and oxygen up there can really help out.

Not only does it help to keep your brain healthy, but it also had effects on particular reading disorders.

Piracetam For Dyslexia

The ECAP Journal published a report that showed children with reading disorders greatly benefitted from Piracetam.

Almost 600 children who had been diagnosed with dyslexia were used in seven different studies and showed improvement in comprehending what they read, as well as verbal ability.

I think it is wonderful that Piracetam can help young children, however it was designed to help aid in declining brain function.

So instead, let’s dive into some of the benefits older people can get out of it.

Piracetam and Getting Older

Those who are affected by declining mental ability will find that Piracetam’s benefits can have a very dramatic effect on day-to-day life.

Because it is known to boost memory, ability to reason, and increase one’s focus as well as concentration, I am sure you can see how it benefits so many users.

Older users like Piracetam because it helps to slow the tide of their declining brain power and helps out with short term memory.

It’s even been shown to mitigate some symptoms of Parkinson’s and improve neurological and psychological symptoms that are associated with dementia.

Hot damn!

But it’s not all roses with Piracetam.

While the benefits of this nootropic are strong, there are a few mild side effects that may be experienced.

Piracetam Safety and Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, Piracetam is non-toxic on the human body even in a wide range of different dosages.

Because it's water soluble, the body will just get rid of any extra that is not needed by purging it out through the urinary system, so it would be quite hard to overdose with Piracetam.

What’s more is there has never been any reports of nasty or serious side effects, even with huge doses of Piracetam.

In fact, an article published in the journal of Pharmacopsychiatry back in 1990 showed that even in situations where people are taking extreme amounts (more than 5g in a day), dangerous side effects did not occur.

It's been reported that Piracetam actually has a lower amount of toxicity than salt and caffeine tablets when it’s measured on the LD50 standard.

The LD50 scale is what is considered a lethal dose for 50% of the population.

So as you can see, it’s considered a safe supplement overall.

However, since there are a few mild side effects that one can experience, I wanted to give you an overview so you know what to expect.

Based on individual experiences, Piracetam is mostly thought to be very well tolerated by just about everyone.

There aren't many unwanted side effects reported, and less than 10% of people have experienced any type of adverse effect at all.

Among the most typical side effects is usually just a mild headache.

The easiest way to avoid getting headaches is by using a quality choline supplement because they help to reduce the loss of acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Other side effects that were reported are mild anxiety, nervousness, feeling agitated, and some drowsiness.

However, these side effects are viewed as temporary, if they even happen at all.

There has been some long-term research has been carried out on every day use of Piracetam and has received some fantastic positive results.

For example, a 1993 research article in the Neurology journal found that Alzheimer's sufferers who received 8 grams of Piracetam every day for a whole twelve months showed substantial boosts in memory, and higher defenses against further cognitive loss had been observed.

On top of that, no negative effects or long lasting damage was discovered because of Piracetam supplements!

Now, you should know that people with healthy brains typically take a lot less than the 8g per day as used in the study.

There will be more on dosage a little further down this page…

Anyway, sometimes Piracetam users may build up a tolerance and it may seem like it doesn’t give off the boosted effects.

And there times that new users may not feel any effects for the first two weeks of using it.

So it’s important to not forget that different body chemistry may need more time for levels of Piracetam to build up to a solid dose in you brain.

Now that you now about the side effects I want to take a second and hit on a really important issue…

Sometime medications we are taking can have bad reactions with other medications or supplements we may be taking.
So, let’s talk about interactions..

Piracetam and Drug Interactions

Before we go any further, there are a few drug interactions that I really want you to know about.

Almost all of them have to do with Piracetam’s effects on cerebrovascular blood flow, which is the blood flow that goes up to the brain.

Which is why I think it’s always best to be safe and consult with a doctor, instead of ending up with some serious issues if you choose to mix supplements with prescription drugs.

Blood Thinning Medications

Because of Piracetam’s anti-clotting effect, it may be hazardous to pair it with blood thinning drugs.

This mixture may cause a lot of blood loss in the event of an accident, or an exaggeration of injuries and damaged tissue.

And while that may not apply to everyone, it’s incredibly important to be aware of this.


Another thing you should know about Piracetam is that it can impair your understanding of how intoxicated you actually are—potentially resulting in a case of alcohol poisoning.

Mixing a large dose along with a lot of drinking is going to slow motor functions and this could end up putting you in serious physical risk.

Moral of the story?

Don’t drink and take Piracetam.


Piracetam also intensifies the impact of prescribed drugs that have a stimulating effect, like Adderall.

Mixing Piracetam and amphetamines can cause abnormal heart rate and high blood pressure levels, in addition to anxiousness and the inability to focus.

Other than that, Piracetam is safe to use together with many nutrient sources, vitamin products, as well as stacking it with nootropic supplements.

To help you create the best one, I’ve put together a list of some popular Piracetam stacks down the post.

Now this goes without saying, but like I said above, make sure you talk to your physician before using Piracetam or any nootropic to make sure it is going to be helpful, and not harmful.

And to reiterate, it should not be used if you are doing any drinking or using narcotics of any kind.

Alright, now that we have covered just about everything else, you are probably wondering how much you should be taking.

Piracetam Dosage Advice

Piracetam has a wide range of useful dosage amounts.

At the low end, the basic dosage of 400 mg is the base of most recommended servings, while 800 mg is the average that many users take at one time, with dosages being taken up 3 times daily without any toxic effects.

Having said that, quite a few individuals who have never used Piracetam might need to boost the dose in the beginning to experience all the effects of this nootropic.

You can do this in one of two really simple ways…

The first way you can get started is with an “attack” dose, or loading dose.

This is a frequent process with lots of health supplements that consists of beginning with two or three times the normal dose to build up levels in the body then going back to much more normal dose after a short time.

However, this approach is best used when testing out water-soluble, easy-to-tolerate chemical compounds, like Piracetam.

Also, you are going to want to make sure the exact amount of the attack dosage is still within non-toxic as well as safe dosage levels.

The second way of beginning to use Piracetam will be to allow the effects to build-up during a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

To do this, simply stick with smaller dosages of around 1200 – 1600 mg daily while the effects begin to build up slowly.

So how much do you need for optimal results?

Based on user feedback, a daily dose of 4000 mg per day typically gives the best results, and people tend to feel the effects with in 1 to 4 hours after it's ingested.

So, it is a good idea to plan out when you are going to need it most throughout the day.

You can get Piracetam in both powder and tablet form, however a lot of people tend to find the taste of Piracetam to be really sour when taken in powder form.

An easy to fix this by mixing it into a fairly sweet fruit juice, all but eliminating the taste and making it hardly noticeable.

Personally, I like using fresh squeezed orange juice.

You can take a daily dose of Piracetam all at one time or split  it up into even doses during the day.

But of course, it’s your call.

Now, if you know anything about nootropics you are probably looking for some solid stack ideas to get the most out of your nootropics.

Piracetam Stacking Options

Building a Stack is a great approach to boosting the effects of many nootropic supplements.

By mixing supporting factors of different nootropics, the entire effect is more obvious than just individual supplements taken by themselves.

And because of its minimal toxicity and mild side effects, Piracetam may be combined with a variety of nootropic supplements with all kind of benefits.

Check out these 3 Piracetam stacks…

Piracetam & Choline Stack

This has got to be the most widely used stack for Piracetam and is known as a beginner’s stack because it is so easy to put together.

Choline supplements have great effects on memory, logical reasoning, and concentration.

These two work well together because Piracetam uses the choline stored in the brain and when mixed together you'll get a balanced effect.

Alpha GPC is what I would recommend to use for a high quality choline source.

Racetam Family Stack

Piracetam stacks amazing well with other members of the Racetam family like Aniracetam and Oxiracetam.

This stack creates remarkable memory and focus advantages that help to keep you on target, no matter what you are doing.

Clarity and Energy Stack

Piracetam stacked together with Vinpocetine, Caffeine, and Choline.

When you stack Piracetam and Vinpocetine together you are going to get the strong benefits of increased circulation in the brain, as well as a super boost in clarity.

The caffeine is going to provide the energy and the choline will provide the benefits of neuroplasticity.

As you can see these are some really easy stacks to put together if you’re looking to boost up the effects of your Piracetam.

Now this is all well and good, but I always find it incredibly helpful to check out what others have said about a nootropic.

What People say about Piracetam

Overall, most users have great things to say about Piracetam, and it is generally thought to be a tolerable, easy-to-take supplement with little to no downside.

Even though getting the right dosage for the desired effects can take a little time to figure out, overdoses are so rarely reported that most people don't even think about them.

No wonder that so many people are using Piracetam on a daily basis. After looking at tons and tons of review I noticed that many reviews mentioned the same things.

Here are the most common thing that users reported when using Piracetam…

Better Access to Memories

The most common of Piracetam’s benefits are connected to memory.

People report having the ability to remember pictures, names, and a multitude of experiences with great detail.

There even seems to be quite a lot of talk around the unexpected recollection of lost childhood memories.

Eliminating Mental Fog

A lot of users mention about how they used to experience brain fog and a feeling of not being clear before using Piracetam.

Mental lethargy is lowered, making it possible for much greater levels of productivity, not to mention far better communication with other people.

Vivid dreams

While Piracetam doesn't provoke lucid dreaming states to the same degree as other nootropics, using it later in the day does seem to bring about really sharp, detailed, life-like dreams for a lot of people.

One particular user compared Piracetam dreams to starring in a really thrilling movie.


One of effects that some users talk about is feeling quite tired once the dose starts to wear off..

What’s more is this may come on quickly for some.

However, having said that, stacking Piracetam with a Choline supplement is known to get rid of that tired feeling all together.

Legality of Piracetam

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has not approved Piracetam as a drug for use in treatment of medical conditions.

This is primarily because of a shortage of formal studies and testing by the FDA, not because of a lack in safety of this supplement.

There a few countries in the world where Piracetam has been authorized to use for  medical and personal treatment for quite some time and is prescribed by doctors on a regular basis.

However, Piracetam is completely legal, and is not considered a controlled substance in many countries.

Therefore, it is legal to buy, possess and consume Piracetam in those countries, including the United States.

Which also means you can buy and ship Piracetam to U.S. addresses legally.

In the United Kingdom there is a similar policy for personal use for Piracetam, however users require a prescription to purchase it within the country.

Finally, it can be legally purchased and used throughout Canada, Asia, Americas and several countries in the European Union.

Where to Buy Piracetam

I bet this is the burning question, right?

“Where can I buy Piracetam online?”.


I recommend for several reasons…

  1. High quality piracetam isn't available anywhere else
  2. They have a 30 day money back guarantee
  3. Their shipping is really fast
  4. Most importantly, all of their nootropics are tested by a third party lab to make sure they are at least 98% pure

I don’t know about you, but I like knowing that any nootropic I buy is not only of the utmost quality, but it’s delivered in a safe and discreet way.

Now I know that was a LOT of information, but if you’re still itching to learn more about Piracetam check out

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  1. Piracetam also has a strange interaction with the medication gabapentin, everytime me or my friends combine the two we get minor lsd-esque trips and I personally experience extremely vivid hallucinations that are hellish and terrifying, and ever since i began taking piracetam i started to develop constant schizophrenia type hallucinations where i just hear people speaking to me ALL the time which never happened before i started taking it

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