Best Nootropics to Improve Creativity and Imagination

Nootropics can be very powerful in a number of areas. They can boost cognition, boosting focus, concentration, memory, and mood. There are also nootropics to improve creativity and imagination, by releasing hesitations and fears.

Creativity is a must in many disciplines, to stimulate new ideas, and perform at your best.

Here are 5 nootropics to improve creativity and imagination.


Sulbutiamine is a derivative of thiamine (vitamin B), synthesized for the treatment of chronic mental fatigue. It's also a potent nootropic for boosting creativity. It easily crosses the blood-brain barrier so uptake is faster and more powerful. Sulbutiamine improves mood, sharpens memory and minimizes behavioral inhibition.


Aniracetam offers a host of cognitive processing benefits. Its anxiolytic property makes it a great nootropic to boost creativity. It eliminates anxiety without lethargy and brain fog, by regulating serotonin and dopamine production. This creates a laser-sharp focus, improves learning, and increases motivation. There are not many reported negative side effects, other than a mild headache. This can be easily remedied by increasing acetylcholine, enter the Aniracetam + choline stack.


Coluracetam was primarily developed to treat anxiety and depressive conditions. Coluracetam has significant cognitive boosting effects. It reduces anxiety, stabilizes mood and heightens sensory perception, which is important for creativity. Heightened senses make you more aware and relaxed, which allows lots of room for creativity. Start with a low dose during the initial supplementation.

Two natural nootropics for boosting creativity

L-theanine and caffeine

L-theanine and caffeine are two natural nootropics for a creative boost. L-theanine is an amino acid that causes relaxation. While caffeine is a stimulant. Stacking these two creates a magnified concentration and focus in a relaxed state. With a mind clear of distractions you can be more creative.


Ashwagandha boosts focus, concentration, and physical energy. It's also been proven to enhance mood while reducing anxiety and stress. Motivation is also boosted.

Some of these nootropics to improve creativity will work better for you than others. So it's just a case of testing which ones work best for you.  As always consult your physician’s expert advice if you have any concerns or health issues.

Supplementing with nootropics can be hugely beneficial to your creativity and imagination. Have you taken any nootropics to improve creativity before?

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