Best Nootropics For Motivation – Let’s Get It Done!

Do you struggle to get going?

Waste time procrastinating when you should be working?

Find it difficult to hit the gym? 

The common denominator is a lack of motivation.

We all need to motivation to help us unlock our best physical and mental performance. Why is it such a struggle? Why can't we just do the things we know we should do?

How does Dopamine affect motivation?

A lack of motivation is due to low dopamine levels and stress. Dopamine is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter and it affects pleasure and reward. If you have low dopamine levels it really affects your motivation and you'll also find it difficult to feel joy.

Nootropics for motivation

Nootropics for motivation work to improve dopamine levels. But viewing motivation purely as a result of dopamine levels, wont show the full picture. Boosting Dopamine levels can also improve attention, focus, give you more energy and make you more productive. Which are additional benefits and can also contribute to greater motivation.

Here are some of the best nootropics for motivation on the market today.


Tyrosine is a natural non-essential amino acid found in a number of common foods. It’s a popular ingredient in sports supplements.

It serves as the precursor for dopamine production in the body. The body can usually make all the Tyrosine it needs naturally from the foods you eat. However, when you're stressed, ill, or exhausted your body might not be able to synthesize enough tyrosine. This impacts the amount of dopamine you can produce and the motivation you feel.

Using a nootropic for motivation like L-Tyrosine, increases dopamine levels, which in addition to increasing motivation, reduces mental fatigue, lowers stress and also improves creativity.


Citicoline is a popular choice for people looking for long-term improvement in brain function and memory improvement. It builds and repairs neurons, and improves brain connectivity. Which encourages the release of dopamine.

Acetylcholine is the brain chemical responsible for turning short-term memories into long-term memories. Dopamine, as we know, is a motivation neurotransmitter, boosting productivity, focus and motivation. When your dopamine levels drop you feel flat and unmotivated.

When this happens people try to boost how they feel with caffeine or sugar. Supplementing with Citicoline is a much better idea and there are no side effects.

Citicoline is a precursor to both choline and dopamine, it also gives you the right boost you need to improve your mood, focus, energy and motivation.

Citicoline also provides improved energy by improving how glucose is broken down which enhances cerebral circulation. Better cerebral circulation leads to improved connectivity within the brain. Clinical studies have shown that if patients diagnosed with the major depressive disorder where treated with Citicoline, their depressive scores significantly improved from baseline.


B-vitamins play an important role in energy production. They also affect neurotransmitter production too, especially dopamine. But they don’t cross the blood-brain barrier in their natural form. So they might improve natural energy levels, they probably aren't improving your mental energy.

But Sulbutiamine can.

Sulbutiamine is an enhanced Vitamin B1 (thiamine). Which has been proven to cross the blood-brain barrier. Sulbutiamine then works on the glutamatergic, cholinergic, and dopamine receptors of the brain which improve memory, concentration, motivation and mood. Specifically, Sulbutiamine improves motivation levels by enhancing Dopamine D1 receptor density.


L-Theanine is another amino acid. This time it is sourced from tea leaves. Studies have shown it promote relaxation and calmness, with no drowsiness. Why is this important when trying to improve motivation?

L-theanine affects levels of dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol in the body. Dopamine and Serotonin affect mood, sleep and emotion. While Cortisol helps the body function under stress. When there's a change in the balance of these chemicals, a person's stress levels and. mood can also change.

L-theanine is believed to improve a person’s cognitive abilities. It's absorbed in the small intestine where it goes into the bloodstream. Then it can then cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain to exert its nootropic power.

It enhances alpha wave activity, which increases the production of dopamine levels. L-theanine balances alpha and beta brain waves and helps the brain to relax and think more efficiently, which helps motivation.

Stress hinders motivation and another way L-theanine helps is by reducing cortisol levels and lowering anxiety. L-theanine helps release nitric oxide which increases cerebral blood flow. In turn improving mental focus and other cognitive processes including motivation.

To get the max benefit from taking L-theanine. Take it in supplemental form rather than as a tea. Studies recommend a dose of 100-200 mg alongside caffeine.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is beneficial for a number of health benefits. Reducing depression, lowering stress and combating fatigue. All of these areas contribute to a lack of motivation. Taking Rhodiola Rosea can improve all of them and consequently improve motivation.

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stress. Rhodiola can counteract the harmful effects of all sorts of stress and improve motivation levels simultaneously.

Rhodiola is available in tea form, but the best way to take it is pills, extracts, and powders. It takes a while before the effects will be noticeable, even up to 40 days.

Best nootropics for motivation

If you want to improve your motivation with Nootropics, then you need to focus on those which boost dopamine production. You can start taking one of the nootropics for motivation. Then after you assess the results, you can add another and start to build your stack.

There are a few great nootropic supplements on the market that contain all (and even more) of the mentioned nootropics for motivation. What’s good about these supplements is that they also contain other great nootropic compounds that can boost focus, energy, attention, cognition and brain health.

Body⇌Brain Energy™ is a Nootropic based formula which contains 21 clinically researched ingredients and designed to help maximize your physical energy and optimize your mental performance… It results in a whole-body brain energy boost.

Do you have a favorite nootropic for motivation?

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